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Welcome to Audiskills, where you can elevate your expertise and make your knowledge resonate in a whole new way.At Audiskills, we specialize in creating dynamic audio courses for personal and professional development. Our mission is to empower authors, experts and businesses like yours to share their knowledge, inspire others, and impart valuable skills to individuals on the move.What sets Audiskills apart? We produce audio courses that are meticulously designed to engage your audience. Our content is concise, laser-focused and without the need for visuals or lengthy reading.Imagine reaching your audience during their daily routines – whether they're exercising, commuting, cooking, or cleaning. With Audiskills, you can tap into these valuable moments and convey your expertise through captivating audio lessons.Join us in embracing the power of audio-first learning, where your knowledge finds its voice and resonates with those seeking to grow and develop. Let Audiskills amplify your expertise - because your knowledge deserves to be heard.Ready to get started? Let's start your audio course journey today!

Elevate Your Expertise with Audiskills


Are you an author with a wealth of knowledge eager to transform your insights into an engaging audio format? Looking to establish yourself as the go-to authority in your field? Audiskills is your trusted partner on this exciting journey.

Why Audiskills?

  • Expert Guidance: We are your compass in the world of audio content creation. From brainstorming the perfect topic and title to shaping a comprehensive course outline with clear learning objectives, we've got you covered every step of the way.

  • Scriptwriting Collaboration: Our team will work hand-in-hand with you to create a compelling script that captures your expertise and engages your audience effectively.

  • Voice Talent Expertise: We can either guide you through the art of narration or provide a suitable voice talent to bring your content to life.

  • Professional Production: Leave the technicalities to us. We handle the recording and post-production processes, ensuring your audio course meets the highest standards.

  • Eye-catching Design: Our creative team will prepare a captivating cover design that stands out and reflects the essence of your course.

  • Comprehensive Distribution and Marketing: We don't stop at content creation. We'll help you navigate the intricacies of distribution, marketing, and metadata, ensuring your course reaches its intended audience.

Got an idea brewing? We're all ears! Contact us at and let's bring your expertise to life in audio format. Elevate your influence with Audiskills.

Extend Your Reach, Enhance Your Teaching


From hard skills to the most nuanced soft skills, audio courses offer a dynamic teaching platform for a range of activities - from onboarding to compliance training.

  • Versatile Learning: Audio courses seamlessly adapt to both hard and soft skills training, breaking content into digestible, bite-sized lessons complete with questions and exercises.

  • Commute to Competence: Empower employees to utilize their commute or workout time for productive learning, freeing them from the confines of a computer screen.

  • Year-round Reinforcement: Reinforce critical content without the expense of frequent retraining. Audio courses are a cost-effective refresher solution.

From start to finish, Audiskills provides end-to-end support for your audio course development:

  • Course Consultation: We advise on course length, subject matter, and recommend optimal structures and learning objectives.

  • Script Creation: Whether writing a script from scratch or using existing training materials, our team will collaborate with you to ensure content precision.

  • Scriptwriting Expertise: If needed, we can provide professional scriptwriters or work alongside your in-house experts.

  • Voice Mastery, Your Way: Choose from a range of voice talents or rely on your in-house expert – the choice is yours.

  • Impeccable Production: From recording to post-production, we ensure your content is polished to perfection.

Elevate your training, reach further, and teach better with audio courses that inspire and educate. Reach out today.

Discover these Transformative Benefits:

  1. Digestible Corporate Training: Tedious text-based training materials can now be transformed into engaging audio content. Employees can absorb information in convenient 30-minute segments while multitasking, maximizing their learning efficiency.

  2. Synergy of Sound and Vision: Elevate your training strategy by combining audio with video and traditional methods. Craft a podcast-style series of lessons, effectively breaking down complex subjects into manageable, highly retainable concepts.

  3. Foster Collaborative Learning: Harness the collective wisdom of your team. Encourage employees to share their expertise, and participate in the content creation process. Engage user groups at critical stages, from scriptwriting to lending their voices during recording, fostering a culture of collaboration and exchange of knowledge.

Discover the transformative power of audio learning with us. Unleash the potential of your workforce today.

Advantages of Audio Learning

Learning Anytime, Anywhere

Embrace the freedom of learning on your own terms. With audio, learning can fit seamlessly into your daily routines, whether it's during your commute, a leisurely walk, or a workout. Say goodbye to time constraints and embrace the possibilities.

Tailored to Your Pace

Every learner is unique, and audio learning respects that. Customize your learning experience by setting your own pace. Slow down to grasp intricate concepts, speed up for areas where you are already confident, or replay segments for deeper understanding. Your learning, your way.

The Future of Reskilling and Upskilling

Prepare for evolving workforce demands. Self-paced audio learning is the key to meeting the reskilling and upskilling needs of 50% of the workforce projected for the next three years. It's a game-changer for non-native speakers, allowing them to learn and repeat at their own pace.

Enhanced Engagement Spotify-style

If traditional courses struggle to engage your employees, transform your approach with an engaging Spotify-like experience. Let your team choose and consume lessons that resonate with them, ensuring an interactive and captivating learning journey.

Distraction-free Learning

Bid farewell to the distractions that occur during eLearning and webinars. With audio learning, listeners stay focused and engaged. Say goodbye to those wandering eyes and multitasking tendencies; audio captivates people’s attention.

Escape Screen Fatigue

Break free from the shackles of constant screen exposure. Audio learning provides a refreshing respite from online meetings and daily screen-based work. Immerse yourself in knowledge while enjoying the great outdoors.

Empower your team with audio learning and embark on a journey of enhanced knowledge acquisition, engagement, and personal growth. Embrace the future of learning today.

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Unlock the power of multi-sensory learning and add an ebook to complement your audio course.Convert your audio script into a comprehensive ebook in just three simple steps. Whether you prefer to keep it as a personalized training document or share it with the world, we've got you covered.Opt for private access or let us handle distribution across leading online bookstores. Transform your spoken words into a written masterpiece seamlessly with our hassle-free ebook creation service.


Audiskills provides distribution to principal retailers, libraries, and popular subscription services like Spotify and Audible. Being on a range of popular platforms increases the discoverability of your audio course and will help you tap into a global audience of learners.


New to audio formats? Audiskills can help with your marketing strategy, positioning your course effectively, and expanding your client reach.

About Us

Audiskills, founded by Jeanne Bracken, leverages her 20+ years of experience working with global authors to effectively convey their knowledge. With a proven track record, Jeanne specializes in designing world-class audio courses for subject matter experts looking to expand their audience. She is dedicated to developing and editing content focused on personal growth, career advancement, and professional development.Jeanne's background in business book publishing includes collaboration with renowned authors and media companies in Europe and the US. She has successfully negotiated publishing deals and edited best-selling titles in both English and Spanish.As a leading authority in audio learning, Jeanne extends her expertise to advise universities and business schools on optimizing their content for audio formats. Her understanding of the industry positions Audiskills as a reliable resource for individuals and organizations seeking proficiency in audio-based education.